Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to reserve a jet ski?

Must be at least 23 years old with a valid ID and  major credit card.  There is up to a $500 incidental deposit required upon picking up the rentals.  Waiver of liability will also be signed.


What's your cancelation policy?
You can cancel any reservation with at least 48 hour notice.  Anything shorter you will forfeit your refund.  If you decide not to show up for the rental on the date you will be charge the full price for the ski(s) that you were renting. Weather is excluded. Its Texas, and its hard to tell what the weather will do, day to day. So, we make those final decisions the day before the rental. If bad weather doesn't look like it will clear up, we will either refund you, reschedule you, or give you a credit for the amount you spent to use at a future date.


What about inclement weather?

I would suggest looking up the weather a few days before your rental to know for sure if the weather is going to be changing or effecting your plans that way you can give enough notice to cancel. We reserve the right to cancel, and refund any reservation, if the weather isnt safe, whether its moderate to high winds or thunderstorms.

What is the capacity on the ski's?

The ski's will carry 1-3 people on them (we only provide 3 vests per ski) (Total weight limit 450 lbs). The closer you get to the max weight limit, the more unstable the ride will be.

What are the rental and operator age requirements?

You must be at least 23 yr old with a valid license to rent from us.  When riding, no one under the age of 18 yrs old is allow to drive the ski alone.  The only way someone 16 yrs old can operate alone is with the proper boaters safety course certification.  Anyone younger must have someone that is old enough to operate the ski legally to be on the ski at the same time to assist.


What kind of insurance do you carry?

Everything operates at your own risk.

What happens if the ski breaks down or is damaged while in your possession?

With everything being at your own risk, if the ski breaks down the first thing to do is contact us immediately.  We will come out and check out to see what happened.  If the ski is damaged while in your possession, the person that rented the ski will be responsible for any and all damages.


What am I responsible for?

Whatever is damaged while you are in possession of the ski is your responsibility.  We will inspect the ski's and pontoons when we pick them up and all equipment that was rented as well.


What happens if we are late coming back?

There is a fee of $50 every 30 minutes that you are late.   We have our family to tend to and the extra time takes away from our plans.


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Waco, Texas

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